Effigy Design, Orillia OntarioEffigy Design, Orillia OntarioEffigy Design, Orillia Ontario
What is an effigy?  

effigy |‘efijé| - Noun (pl. –gies)

  • Something created in the likeness of another object.
  • A sculpture or model of a person
    (coins bearing the effigy of a person.)
  • A roughly made model of a particular person, made in order to be damaged or destroyed as a protest or expression of anger:
    (the senator was burned in effigy.)
Effigy Design Specializes In  

Dynamic Business Branding

With all of the competition for clients and customers it's important to create a business brand that not only captures people's attention but also conveys what the business is about. We specialize in creating dynamic branding packages that are cohesive, professional, and distinct
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What Effigy Design Does  

Effigy Design - Graphic Design Orillia

Effigy design offers a wide range of services with the goal of helping individuals, teams, businesses, and events promote themselves through design. Spanning logos, print media, vinyl medium, and apparel, Effigy Design covers all aspects of design and promotion. The staff at Effigy work closely with clients to create a design and product that fits the aesthetic and needs of each client. Whether the client is looking for a small custom graphic for their vehicle or a complete re-branding, clients can expect individual attention, fast turn around, and reasonable rates.

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Flying High With Barnstormer Brewing in Barrie Ontario

Recently Effigy Design had a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a NEW local brewery and pizzeria. Barnstormer Brewing is a truly unique place to have a cold brew and some...

  By Effigy | July 27, 2010