Frequently asked questions

How are these made?

Every mask starts off as sculpture made out of clay. The clay sculpture is then covered in a thick layer of plaster and burlap to create a "Mother Mold" negative. The origional clay sculpture is then cleaned out of the mold thus being destroyed in the process. The cleaned out mold can now be filled with liquid latex to create a positive casting in latext that can be finished and painted.

What is a RAW LATEX finish

All mask are cast in high quality liquid latex. Once the latex cures it can be removed from the mold to create a positive "raw" casting. The term "raw" refers to a mask that is not trimmed, cleaned or primed. They normally exclude and additional decorations like teeth, eyes , horns ect. Inherently they are cheaper because less time has gone into the production.

Why would I want a RAW LATEX mask?

Some collectors and buyers like to paint their own versions of masks. Someone may like a sculpt that was created but they want to paint it themselves or do an alternate version of a paint job that better suites their taste or purpose.

Are these limited edition or one of a kind?

Yes and No.... Once a "Mother Mold" is created from a clay sculpture the origional clay sculpture is destroyed. Multiple latex castings can be pulled from the "Mother Mold” but every time a casting is pulled from the mold it deteriorates slightly. Each pull from the mold yields its own unique characteristics and blemished and each latex casting is then hand pained by me. Every paint job is slightly different thus rendering them unique “One of a kind” pieces of art.