People Eater

People Eater


This mini-bust was hand sculpted and painted by Adam Dagenais. It is cast in high quality latex and painted with a varitey of acrylic paints and techniques then sealed for long life and colour fastening. It is for display purposes only and not to be worn.


It measures roughly the 11" high. This bust does not include or ship with any mounting or display harware but is sturdy enough to stand on its own.


Each piece featured on the website is a one-of-a-kind hand painted art piece. Actual physical products may vary slightly from the featured pictures as each latex pull from the mother mold will have its own unique blemishes characteristics. Choose your "Finish" when addng to cart. "Fully painted - Display Ready" masks will be identical to the featured item pictures. "Raw latex - Paint your own" will be a blank unpainted version - see FAQ further details. 

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